Hey, I'm Monique!

Dreamer. Doer. Creator. Speaker.

Few things make me happier than seeing someone’s dream realized.

I live for those moments when all of the planning, sacrifice and execution manifests itself into the opportunity that you worked so hard for. It makes my eyeballs a little sweaty and my heart so full.

But here’s the thing…

Without execution ideas are worthless.

You are full of amazing ideas but they’re not getting a chance to shine because you are too afraid to go after the life you really want.

Listen up, friend! You’re stuck in analysis paralysis. You’re over thinking, over planning and under committing. Stop waiting for ‘someday’ when the timing is right, the money is better and you feel ready.

You will never make an impact with the ideas that you choose not to pursue. It doesn’t matter if they are potentially life-changing if you never put them out into the world. 

I believe…

  • you have everything you need to start making an impact now.
  • to be successful you have to be resourceful with what you have (aka Pimp Your Brilliance).
  • you have to show up fully for yourself.

Most importantly, I believe you have to take the first small step TODAY.

Here at Keep Chasing the Stars, I help ambitious creative women get out of their own way, shut down the chorus of fear, and pursue their purpose with confidence. My mission is to empower you to take action towards living your best life by providing you with the tools, resources, and inspiration to get from idea to done.

Through products (like the Visionary Journal™), courses (like Side Hustle & Flow™) plus this blog and podcast— I’m creating an army of Star Chasers.

Hey! It's Me again...

Just in case you haven’t already figured it out, my name is Monique Malcolm. I got my start slinging t-shirts across the globe with a t-shirt line called Antisparkle Apparel. It was scary as hell to bet so heavily on myself and ideas but after losing my teaching position I had no other choice. I went all in.

Two years later I was running my clothing line full time. That tiny taste of success ignited a spark of possibility inside of me. I was hooked on creative entrepreneurship.

Since then I’ve gone on to launch even more ideas, creating my own planner system, managing a successful crowdfunding campaign, speaking at conferences across the country, developing resources and teaching workshops.

I’m extremely passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and bloggers bring their ideas to life. I’m the girl you want all up in your plans. I’ll teach you how to strategize your ideas, create actionable plans and take focused action so that you can stop dreaming and start doing.