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3 Key Ways To Improve Your Relationships In Business And In Life With Kate Kenfield

LISTEN!    Kate Kenfield is a speaker, writer, and empathy educator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her workshops, talks, and writing seek to improve people’s emotional literacy, whether in a professional or personal context. Kate has also developed a unique set of cards that she calls Tea & Empathy. She has used these cards in trainings […]

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I Wrote A Tiny Book!

Two weeks ago I sat down at my computer with the intention of creating a freebie about how to overcome fear and take action. My goal at the time was to share a few practical ways that you could work through your fear and package it up as my signature opt-in. Simple and straightforward. Three days […]

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Why You Need A Content Strategy

It’s storytime, friends. I got my start working online waaaaay back in 2008. Back then I was a starry-eyed fashion blogger plotting world domination from my now defunct online headquarters Your Style Star. At the time Etsy was emerging as the premier handmade marketplace, Myspace was still the and Twitter was the place where […]

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