Are you utilizing video to connect with your audience? Well, you should be. Video converts at a much higher rate than other forms of content. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. The problem is that most creative entrepreneurs are already overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

That’s where today’s guest, Andrea Corson jumps in. Andrea is an Emmy-nominated television producer, digital strategist, and the founder of Video Pop. She teaches creative entrepreneurs how to use video effectively to grow their brands.

Whether you’re looking to nail down the perfect strategy for your video, figure out how to make the best video for a specific social platform, launch a successful YouTube channel, hone your shooting/editing skill set, or decide you simply want to teach your team how to make great video (or have someone make video for you), Andrea is a true one-stop shop.

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  • How Andrea got started with Video Pop
  • Why video content is so appealing
  • How to get started with video when you have little to no experience
  • What you need to be considering when choosing a platform
  • Andrea’s 8-step video process
  • Best apps for editing video on your phone
  • Live video vs pre-recorded video
  • How to feel more comfortable on camera


  1. Focus on your strategy. Make sure you figure out what problem you’re solving for your audience.
  2. Invest in the areas that matter. You need great sound, lighting, editing and proper training.
  3. Just start. Stop second guessing yourself and get started.
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  • Adobe Premiere

Video Courses + Training:

  • Video Pop Courses– Andrea is offering PYB listeners a discount on her courses. Use the code PIMPYOURBRILLIANCE (all caps) at checkout.


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Are you trying to get started using video for your brand? If you're not you should be. Video converts at a much higher rate than other forms of content. In this episode, video expert, Andrea Corson, founder of Video Pop shares her 8 step process for video creation.